Environmental protection

Our targets in environmental protection



UNIFERM does not recognise a conflict of interest between economic and ecological issues. We process many raw materials – in particular, cereal products. With environmentally friendly processes, we aim to make a contribution to our environment and conserve the natural resources.

For years, UNIFERM has been focusing on an environmentally friendly closed-system for processing in raw materials.

The UNIFERM management encourages environmental awareness among employees at all levels.

All emissions are reduced to a minimum.
For modernization projects and new investments in production equipment, environmental compatibility, next to quality safety, is the highest investment criterion for UNIFERM.

Also the consumption of energy and natural resources are permanent being reduced constantly. All employees actively look for further energy saving opportunities.


Examples of applied environmental protection at UNIFERM:

The innovative orientation of our production has also influence to the environmental protection. So, our high efficiently working waste water treatmant system exeeds the legal requirements. A closed-system for processing in raw material system eliminates almost any residues.

Closed raw material circulation in the yeast production in Monheim 


Helmpflicht in den Produktionsanlagen Monheim

Constant control of process data in the work Monheim