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Our quality management system is not limited to product quality.
It is divided in four sections:

- Q E S H - that stands for:
SAVETY – product safety and safety at work
HEALTH – health of customers and employees

In pursuing our corporate targets, we have defined „Quality“, „Environment“, „Safety at work“ and „Raw material basis“ as the most important sub-targets.

Quality management


Measurement of leavening power in the lab Monheim


Satisfied customers are the basis of our business success
Satisfied customers are the precondition for UNIFERM to maintain and strengthen our position as one of the leading supplier of bakery raw materials in the market. This was the case in the past and it will remain unchanged in the future – in spite of all changes in the markets. Therefore, the principal aim of the everyday work of all employees and UNIFERM management is to provide consistently high quality and an acceptable price-performance ratio.
Manpower remains the most important production factor at UNIFERM. For us, highly qualified and reliable employees are the guarantee to the high expectations on the quality of our products.
We use most modern machines in our productionsites.
They ensure constantly highest quality of all products.

Aims of our quality management




- The company is structured in such a way that it can respond quickly to changing demands of markets and customers.

- High quality requirements are achieved. The demands and requests of our customers are detected and implemented in a consisted and methodic way.

- To settle the claim of our quality standards, it is necessary that all the requirements of the quality management are followed through all levels of the corporate structure and all employees are trained in these quality standards. This relates primarily to the defined specifications and standard operating procedures in the production process.

Eiweißbestimmung nach Dumas                         Eiweißbistimmung nach Kjeldahl

Analytical determination of protein for quality assurance of the yeast


- TQM - at UNIFERM - is not restricted to the finished product. We check the quality of our products at all stages of the complete production process. We also do quality checks on all incoming raw materials.

Fettbestimmung von Backmitteln im Labor Werne

Analytical determination of fat in bakery improvers in the lab Werne


- We have the most modern production. Regular maintenance  of all production machinery at UNIFERM ensures that this is always in excellent technical condition. It is monitored before and during production – with most modern equipment and by employees trained in quality management.

Dr. von der Pas

Dr. Jan van der Pas, QESH-Manager