Bakery ingredients 


is your competent partner in the following product range:

Baking yeasts
Improvers for bread and small baked goods 
Pre- and ready mixes 
Release agents
Pastry premixes/baking pastes
Sweet dusting powder
Pastry goods/ fresh-keeping and long shelf life

We take care of your product range.

Your aim is to increase sales – with a high-quality, versatile and up to date range which permits sufficient flexibility for acceptable margins. Consequently rational requirements for efficient production are as important as your quality consciousness.

Naturalness, wellbeing and an increasing health awareness are consumer trends that need to be addressed in order to be successful with the products on sale in your bakery.

UNIFERM assists you with a wide range of baker’s yeasts, bakery improvers and other specialty products for your bakery.

For detailed information, please refer to our product information contained in the separate product descriptions.

More information is available on request.


UNIFERM fresh baking yeasts

Natural - safe – strong

We have the longest historical tradition (since 1737) and the most advanced production methods for making baker’s yeast. This combination forms the key to the safety and reliability of all UNIFERM baker’s yeasts.

Therefore, we make 3 promises to you:

    • Standardizised high leavening power for uniform baked goods quality throughout the year
    • Long leavening power life owing to the purity of all UNIFERM baker’s yeasts
    • More aroma and flavour in all bakers goods from large amounts of typical yeast aromas  


UNIFERM bread improvers

Our aim is to supply you, our baking customer, with the right ingredients in the highest quality and with the reliability you need.
All UNIFERM bread improver meet these requirements and provide the basis for a comprehensive product range fulfilling all market expectations.

All UNIFERM products for bread can be adapted to your special needs with individual recipes.

This is the secret to your success through customer satisfaction.

UNIFERM offers a wide range of bakery improvers for bread.This range encompasses the following product groups:


UNIFERM improvers for small baked goods

... enable you to produce small baked goods of top quality – of course, with your personal touch.
These improvers are suitable for all common methods of fermentation time control.

UNIFERM pre- and ready mixes

... provide the basis for making different types of attractive bread and rolls, from dinkels, multi-grain baked goods or functional food.
You UNIFERM specialist seller will be glad to propose recipes according to your requirements. Just put us to the test!


UNIFERM release agents – nothing sticks!

Different applications require specific release agents for applications such as bread and rolls.

Whatever your requirements, UNIFERM release agents are the right choice for you.
Release wax, release oil, release emulsion or cutting and sliding oil - UNIFERM offers the right product to you.

UNIFERM release agents are suitable for all typical spray systems.
We will gladly assist you in picking the right spray system.


UNIFERM pastry pre- and ready mixes

Every baker’s aim is to make best pastries of highest quality across the full fine baker's goods range.

UNIFERM offers you a wide range of pre- and ready mixes for fine baker's goods.


UNIFERM fillings / toppings

Fillings and toppings from UNIFERM are a good choice.
All our fillings have excellent baking, frosting and thawing charakteristics. They are distinguished by easy processing as well as long durability and fresh-keeping.

UNIFERM instant powders are ideal starting products for all baking and filling creams.



UNIFERM sweet dusting powder 

With the range of sweet dusting powders you are able to use a lot of variations, depending on your production process.

All products in this line are distinguished by special coatings of sugar



UNIFERM pastry goods / fresh-keeping and long shelf-life

UNIFERM has a long experience in long shelf life products.

Next to this range you can get more special products on request.