About Us

UNIFERM - tradition and progress under one roof


UNIFERM is an independent company offering a wide range of bakery raw materials. In total UNIFERM has 350 employees, united by a high commitment to baking – like the bakers, our customers.
We have been a producer of baker’s yeast for over 250 years. Although much has changed during that time, one of our tasks has remained the same: Manufacturing the best bakery raw materials to satisfy the needs of our customers.


Forward-looking concepts in product development, outstanding product know-how, intensive contacts with the market and international ties have made us a leading company in this industry for decades. Our bakery raw materials provide you with the basis for leaving your customers with a lasting impression of your premium quality pastries.


We love baking and know the market

Bäcker beim Aufarbeiten von Brotteig

No matter whether it is baker’s yeast, improvers, fermentation products or sour products – the range of quality products from UNIFERM provides the basis for making high-quality bakery products.

Early awareness of new consumer preferences is one of the essential ingredients for your continued success, for which reason we constantly observe the market and develop promising new product ideas. At UNIFERM we have the unique advantage of profiting from the combination of over 250 years of experience, technological leadership and a well-developed instinct for consumer trends.


We take care of your product range 

Brot und Brötchen mit UNIFERM VitaFit

It is our aim to generate profitable business form selling high-quality, varied and trendy products which sufficient flexibility for good margins. It follows that rational requirements for efficient production are as important as your quality consciousness.

Naturalness, wellbeing and an increasing health awareness are consumer trends that need to be adressed in order to be successful with the products on sale in your bakery.

UNIFERM assists you with a wide range of baker’s yeasts, improvers and other speciality products for your bakery.


We are your fermentation specialist

We let you bake the natural way

Goldlinge Eimer 18 kgUNIFERM Meisterstück Karton

From the very beginning, UNIFERM emphasized natural, high-quality fermentation products – both for traditional products and successful newcomers to the market: UNIFERM Yeast, UNIFERM "Ferment-Sauer", UNIFERM "MeisterStück" and UNIFERM "Goldlinge". Fore more than ten years, additives have consistently been replaced by functional fermentation ingredients and in this way the quality of the end products have improved significantly.

Your advantage is the improved workflow in the bakery. UNIFERM fermentation products not only improve the quality of the end products, they also optimize the complete technical and commercial production process.


We have everything you need

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A baker who whishes to consistently produce pastries of high quality must be able to rely on his supplier. This is a matter of trust, timely delivery and reliable quality of all raw materials.


Produktrange 2

To ensure that you require only one source for all required products, UNIFERM provides the full range, from ingredients for deliciously crisp rolls to those for perfect sponge cake:

- Baking yeasts
- Improvers for bread and small baked goods 
- Pre- and ready mixes 
- Release agents
- Pastry premixes/baking pastes
- Fillings/toppings
- Sweet dusting powder
- Pastry goods/ fresh-keeping and long shelf life

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Whatever your customers' needs – we always have a range of products avaliable that covers all trends.

More information on our products is avaliable in the products index.