Research and development at UNIFERM

Innovation is the key to success

Detailed observation of the market is the basis for our research and development.
Application-oriented tests lead to market-oriented products.

Laborfermenter im Labor Monheim
Laboratory fermenter with process control system in the Monheim laboratory


Systematic application tests in the R&D department in Werne


Research and development are top-ranking priorities with UNIFERM.

Laboratories and experimental bakeries with latest technical equipment are available in Werne and Monheim.

In these highly qualified specialists such as master bakers and master pastry cooks, bakery technicians, food technologists, biotechnologists and microbiologists develop and test raw materials for the bakery industry.


Anlage zur Triebkraftmessung

Analysis of leavening power measurements


Dr. Fecke, Leiter F + E
Dr. Hans-Christian Fecke,
Research & Development Manager
in Werne
Dr. Marek Mösche,
Technology, Development and
Laboratory Manager
in Monheim