UNIFERM guiding principles

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These are our guiding principles which define our self-image. Every employee is obliged to act according to these principles every day.

Eingang Firmenzentrale Werne

We have the longest tradition and the most advanced production methods for baker’s yeast.
International ties, profound biotechnological know-how and application-oriented research make possible a wide range of bakery raw materials.

Primary nutritional products are essential contributors to our business success.

The needs of our customers determinate our ability to supply and the speed of our innovations.
Our products generate highest added value for our customers and fully satisfy end-consumers.

Cost leadership is the guideline of our daily work.

Customers have a positive experience whenever they contact us.

Collaboration in pursuing our aims, entrepreneurial thinking and acting and the experience of sharing in the corporate success inspire our employees.


Customer focus

You, our valued customers, are the focus of everything we do, consequently our primary goal is to provide you with constantly superior product quality bakery ingredients, for you in turn to be able to fully satisfy your customers' needs.

Take us by our word. Our customer consultants, bakery application specialists as well as the master bakers from our baking service hotline will provide you with all the information and support you require.


Our business model

UNIFERM offers its customers a wide range of quality bakery ingredients.

A baker who whishes to consistently produce pastries of high quality must be able to rely on his supplier. This is a matter of trust, timely delivery and reliable quality of all raw materials.

We permanently wish to satisfy our customers with a range of high-quality, fast selling products that leaves sufficient flexibility for interesting margins.

Forward-looking concepts in product development, outstanding product know-how, intensive contacts with the market and international ties have made us a leading company in this industry.

Early awareness of new consumer preferences is one of the essential ingredient for your continued succes, for which reason we constantly observe the market and develop promising new product ideas. At UNIFERM we have the unique advantage of profiting from the combination of over 250 years of experience, technological leadership and a well-developed instinct for consumer trends.