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More than 250 years of know how
The roots of the enterprise date back to the yeast production in Werne, Hameln and Monheim, already more than 250 years ago.

With the merger of the separate companions to create UNIFERM in 1975, the enterprise developed more and more from its origin in yeast production into a manufacturer of bakery-ingredients. Since that time UNIFERM also produces and distributes improvers and release agents.


Historie UNIFERM

Standort Werne 1937

1737 Founding of company R. Moormann in Werne

Christiansen Flensburg

1802 Founding of company C. C. Christiansen in Flensburg


Hamelner Hefe

1907 Founding of company Hamelner Hefe in Hameln


Rheinishces Presshefe- und Spritwerke Monheim

1908 Founding of the companies Rheinische Presshefe und Spritwerke (RPS) in Monheim

1974 Merger of Moormann-, Christiansen- und Hamelner Hefe to Nordwestdeutsche HEFE-UNION

1975 UNIFERM emerged from the fusion of the Nordwestdeutschen HEFE-UNION and the RPS, Monheim

1997 Acquisition and integration of Pleser products

1998 Enlargement and modernisation of yeast plant in Monheim

1999 Acquisition of  INA, Rellingen

2003 Foundation of UINFERM Polska

2006 IFS Certification of yeast plant in Monheim

2007 Expansion and modernisation of bread improver plant in Werne

2008 AB Mauri becomes the new Joint Venture Partner of UNIFERM

2010 Implementation of a sustainable energy concept at the Monheim site