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We would like to present ourselves as your business partner for bakery ingredients and your think tank and problem solver in all matters relating to baking. On this website you will find detailed information on all aspects of baking with UNIFERM products.


UNIFERM is a supplier of bakery ingredients in Germany as well as international markets, with 350 employees and approximate turnover of 100 million EUR.
UNIFERM supplies artisanal and industrial bakeries with a comprehensive range of products: baking yeast, products for bread and rolls, products for fine baker's goods and release agents.
You, our valued customers, are the focus of everything we do, consequently our primary aim is to provide you with constantly superior product quality bakery ingredients, for you in turn to be able to fully satisfy your customers' needs.

Take us by our word. Our customer consultants, bakery application specialists as well as the master bakers from our baking service hotline will provide you with all the information and support you require.

Yours sincerely
UNIFERM Management


                                                               Wilko Quante and Jan Moormann